Chief Marketing Officer

A Maxican QSR Brand

#Marketing Head # CMO # Chief Marketing Officer

Menu & Calendar Management

·         Develop menu and pricing strategy ensuring product range & pricing is competitive &

appropriate in the market

·         Develop and manage all aspects of the (rolling 12 month) marketing calendar based on

market / consumer insights

·         Deliver flawless execution of marketing calendar, including development of all marketing

materials, in partnership with cross-functional team (operations, supply chain management,

IT, agencies)

·         Regularly review and update menu design and layout to showcase all relevant platforms.

New Product/Program Development Management

·         Prioritize and plan new innovation working with Company to ensure strongest

and most relevant products are explored for the menu

·         Manage strategic promotions to drive transactions including break through innovation,

happy hour, entry level value, bundled value, day of the week promotions

Brand Communications

·         Drive and develop comprehensive 360 marketing plan for all new product/program


·         Generate excitement and buzz for the Company brand and products through PR activations, events and collaborations

·         Drive strategy and manage content (with agencies) for key social media sites such as

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, relevant in-country platforms

Local Store Marketing (including New Openings)

·         Ensure effective local store marketing activity is in place to drive sales and awareness for

existing restaurants

·         Develop effective strategies for new store openings that drive buzz and headlines


•        Company 😮 Maintain consistent open dialogue with  Company team to ensure brand standards are being met and appropriate approvals of key marketing strategies and materials are achieved

•        Cross functional teams (operations/training, R&D, supply chain management, finance, IT,


•        External agencies where appropriate– Menuboard design, media, PR, social, digital &


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