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#Legal # Legal Manager

·         Handle contractual documentation including leases, leave and license and/or related to property

related documentation;

·         Handle contractual documentation with regard to vendor across various functions such as Supply

Chain, Ops , Marketing , Construction, admin, HR, etc.;

·         Liaise with and manage external counsels;

·         Provide internal legal opinion related to the business as and when required;

·         Draft legal notices as and when received from statutory authorities;

·         Work closely with cross functions to provide general legal and corporate governance advice on the

day-to-day operations to the company;

·         Set up and institute the proper processes, guidelines and documentation for the legal function;

·         Identify and manage legal risks, litigation and disputes;

·         Assist the cross functions with strategic ventures as and when required;

·         Provide solutions and advice to the management to facilitate the business goals and objectives;

·         Train the legal team to work efficiently and in a productive manner;

·         Monitor and update current legislation and regulatory changes advising the implementation of

policies and procedures to address new regulatory requirements to the legal team and cross functions and;

·         Conduct or facilitate in-house legal training as required by the business and other cross functions;

·         Track/prepare report of the legal data;

·         Update the status/ report on internal legal system;

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